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MS Excel Tools for PROMIS MES

PROMIS is a powerful manufacturing execution system (MES) used in many semiconductor manufacturing facilities. To improve the efficiency in working with large data sets, smartfabgroup is offering customized MS Excel based software tools not only to view, but also to analyze and modify the data in PROMIS.

Data View Tools

We are offering collection of simple customized MS Excel Tools to view PROMIS items directly in MS Excel interface. Main advantage in using the MS Excel tools is that MS Excel offers a well-known user-friendly interface to search, sort, filter and analyze the data. Moreover no “export to file – import to Excel – format – organize” is needed before starting a simple analysis. All necessary data are available on user double-click.

PROMIS Chart specification update
MS Excel based tool for updating PROMIS charts specification

We Offer

  • Work in progress view
  • Lots on hold view
  • Lots/Wafers per equipment view
  • Flows/Procedures/Recipes/Operations view
  • Parameters view
  • DCOp view
  • Charts view
  • Tasks view
  • Customized view

PROMIS Changes and Updates

Imagine that it is the time to recalculate the control limits for your SPC charts. It is simple and straight forward operation which can take several minutes for few charts. But the issue appears when you have to do it for not five but for five hundred charts. Our solution offers full flexibility of MS Excel to calculate and modify the entries. Database query will populate the spreadsheet with charts, operations, tasks or anything you would like to modify. Use standard MS Excel functions (sorting, filtering, text functions, calculations) to create new entries. All what you have to do then is to record the steps which are needed to modify one entry in PROMIS and then simply apply it to all selected entries in MS Excel spreadsheet. Changing five, five hundred or five thousand charts, procedures or operations is no difference – takes still only few minutes.

We Offer

  • Flexible superscript generator
  • Chart control limits/spec limits update
  • Lot hold generator

Semi-Automatic Data Entry

What if your fab does not posses metrology equipment integration and the operators have to enter the measurement data manually all over again? Throughput drops, count of operator errors increase and efficiency lowers. smartfabgroup offer customized data processing software to retrieve the data from metrology equipment, take operator entry and query PROMIS database and send combined data back to PROMIS interface. HVM industry proven solutions showed that throughput of measurement step can double after implementation of our semi-automatic data entry.

We Offer

  • Customized software package to retrieve data from any metrology equipment and send it to PROMIS interface