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Data Processing and Analysis

In semiconductor or MEMS production fab, there is a huge quantity of data generated every single day. Detailed measurement results from the metrology equipment, log files and process details from manufacturing equipment and reports from environment and equipment monitors. Some of the data are stored in the manufacturing execution system, but vast majority is left untouched in text and binary files on computers and all over network drives.
This is quite normal and fine, because the standard processing requires from all information available only some parameters to control. But in certain cases, like e.g. solving the process issue, or setting up the new process, the detailed information is required. And this can become a problem, while the data are stored in various formats in various places far from being available for analysis. We have seen many times that what would be a simple correlation analysis became a time consuming nightmare as the data were not in proper format, and the information was spread over several files and formats.
To help our customers to solve this issue, we offer the service of processing (data mining) and analyzing the data or we develop customized software to do this automatically.

Individual Data Processing and Analysis

In cases where a particular processing does not happen on regular bases, we can mine, analyze and process the data for our customers. Typical examples are: the qualification of a new equipment, process or material, improvement projects, an evaluation of the experiments and the trouble shooting. To perform the analysis, we need to understand what is the goal of the analysis and we need all the relevant data in any format. We strongly recommend to our customers to consult us before performing the experiments in order to help them with design of experiment (DOE) and assure that all relevant data are recorded. In case you would like to try our service feel free to contact us on

Simple Data Processing Schematic
Simple Data Processing Schematic

We Offer

  • Extract data from incoming files
  • Merge data from different sources
  • Perform operation on data (modeling, regression, …)
  • Analyze the data (correlation, ANOVA, …)
  • Generate reports, charts and outputs
  • Train on data processing and analysis


  • Short turnaround time
  • Reduced workload for internal resources
  • Professional and ready to use reports
  • Interpretation of the results

Customized Software Solution

If a particular data processing needs to be performed in a regular basis, the most efficient way is to create data processing software. Typical examples are: collect the measurement data and perform an additional operation on them, extract the information from log files or results files or generate weekly reports. Depending on the requirements the solution can be a simple Microsoft® Excel Add-In, a stand-alone software or a complex database. Customized software solution are case-to-case specific but in general, to develop customized data processing software, we need data sample and description of the required operations. If you are interested in having customized data processing solution for your data, please contact us on

We Offer

  • Manual data loaders
  • Automated reports and charts
  • Automated database queries and processing
  • Databases with automated data collection from files


  • Significantly reduces time to collect data
  • When problem appears all relevant data are instantly available, no time loss with additional collection
  • Additional information for better process control

Examples of Application

Example 1

After oxide deposition, thickness of the oxide is measured on automated metrology equipment at 5 points per wafer on 3 wafers from the lot. Mean and standard deviation is stored in SPC of MES. Our customized software process raw measurement result, extract from all 15 measurements thickness, index of refraction and goodness of fit and store the data in database. On weekly manner or request, the software makes SPC report on wafer-to-wafer thickness variation within the lot, thickness variation across the wafer, stability of index of refraction. It queries additional information from MES about how the wafer lots were loaded in the deposition furnace in each run and reports also oxide thickness variation across the furnace.

Example 2

After lithography process with step-and-repeat exposure system, 4 corners of the exposure field per 4 exposure fields per wafer on 3 wafers from the lot are measured. Out of 48 measurements mean and standard deviation is calculated for x and y coordinates and stored in SPC of MES. In out-of-control case, a process engineer has to manually find corresponding measurement file, process it with additional software and analyze the modeled parameters (Transition, Grid Rotation, Scaling, Orthogonality, …). If a process engineer wants to compare parameters from particular wafer lot to rest of the production there is no practical way to do it. Our solution stores all raw data in database, process raw data to calculate parameters of the overlay model and store also these parameters. SPC chars are available not only for measured values but also for modeled parameters.

Complex Data Processing Schematic
Complex Data Processing Schematic